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Tuesday, February 21, 2006

Con men

"So strong is this pervasive image of the sexually exotic, available Asian woman that, at the time when the fight over Miss Saigon was raging in NY, Christopher Barnes, an African American man in Los Angeles, was scamming thousands of other men by duping them into corresponding with him, under the ruse that he was an Asian woman. In on enine-month period, he conned at least $280,000 from 400 men who thought that he was their Asian pen pal sweetheart....his computer database held over 8,500 men from every state in the nation, from truck drivers to doctors, lawyers, and college professors, who paid money to get letters from his Asian women characters --exchanging letters for more than a year." (Helen Zia, Asian American Dreams, p. 132)

At Ohio State U, Asian women students in the late 1980s were targets of rape by a fraternity in a "game" called "Ethnic sex challenge." (Zia, 133)


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