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Friday, July 07, 2006

Filipina Website

I found this interesting website run by Filipina wives of non-Filipinos. Here's their intro statement:

Filipina Website
Filipina is an online nonprofit organization for Filipinas who are spouse, fiancee or engaged to Non-Filipinos. Prospective members were contacted through emails and chat page. And now, members from all over the world are gearing up for other venues of getting-to-know each others such as newsletter, newsgroup, chat channel, e-mail list, net meeting and etc...

Filipina structure is beginning to take shape. We invite Filipinas who are married or engaged to non - Filipino to join this friendly and exciting new horizon. If you are new to internet or have never joined a Filipina club in the past, then this organization,(group, list) is also designed for you.

We started this Filipina for the purpose of meeting other Filipinas who are in the same situation as we are.. We are all from the Philippines, and most of us are already reunited with our love ones. Members, are free to exchange each others experiences, joy & happiness, problems and cultural adjustments and the intercultural relationship itself...

But what confuses me is this disclaimer:

Please NOTE:

FILIPINA is not affiliated or associated with any Fil-Ams, Filipinas, Western-Filipina organizations, mailing lists, and groups that deals with Filipina, Filipino women, Pinay, Filipino Wives, mail order brides, money making websites and etc.
Are they critically dissociating themselves from such groups/orgs, or is this a kind of legal statement?

The network seems to be wholly social and not political, although the network also provides a space for the women to give advice about getting visas and whatnot. I also find the photos interesting. What do you all think about this site?


  • At 7/07/2006 9:34 PM, Blogger ver said…

    Oh, geez.

    Part of me is thinking, "Ewwwww." The other part is wondering who, exactly, I think I am to make such a judgement. I hate this.

    As for the disclaimer, I think you're right. It's a purely social site for couples, and they just don't want to open it up to anything (oh, the irony!) negative (note their "Rules").

  • At 7/07/2006 11:55 PM, Blogger Scott McLean said…

    Yes, it's a very unique website. It seems like it could be helpful to many couples.

  • At 7/08/2006 2:52 AM, Blogger Gladys said…

    i felt that kind of self-consciousness about my first (negative) reaction, too, v.

    when i said i find the photos "interesting," i meant that they both fascinate and repel me. though these photos aren't formal family photos, which are by definition contrived, the posting of photos is a self-selective process -- who's going to submit photos to such a peppy-positive site like this in which the people in the photos look upset or in pain?

    but then i thought, why am i being so cynical? this web site seems to want to make the best of a situtation where a woman marries a 'foreigner' and leaves her country and family to live with her new husband.

    then again, the tone of the web site does seem a bit too vehement about "filipina" being a positive space. i wonder what their membership and listserv conversations are like.

  • At 7/30/2006 12:28 AM, Blogger Serendipity said…

    I don't understand the disclaimer...but maybe they have their reasons. Can't say what for sure though.

  • At 8/04/2006 3:58 PM, Blogger dangkin said…

    Basically, i think they're just really new and like others, they want to HELP those "who are new to internet or have never joined a filipina club in the past".

    As their "goal" statement say: "Our goal is to unite all Filipinas who are married to Non-Filipinos regardless of their status, cultural differences and backgrounds. To link all Filipinas who are married/engaged to Non-Filipinos around the world via e-mail, websites and be able to get in touch with them."

    So, maybe they're going to provide FREE services to those you know who..

    Btw, this one's a very informative site. Good job!


  • At 4/23/2009 5:51 AM, Blogger kevinhavers said…

    Hello sa lahat. Sana magkakilala tayo. I'll be in New Orleans so soon.

  • At 4/23/2009 5:55 AM, Blogger kevinhavers said…

    I hope I could met a Filipino friends when I will be in New Orleans. I'm going to marry my fiance so soon. I hope you can give me some information if I it is possible to get a working permit as soon as I get marry. I am teacher and applying for teaching job in New Orleans. Thank you and God bless...


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