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Friday, October 13, 2006

Order greeting cards by November 18

This is the work of Sharon Hing, who volunteered for Helpers for Domestic Helpers and is running a small fundraiser by turning her paintings in to greeting cards. All proceeds will go to Helpers for Domestic Helpers. More information about what she's doing and the organization can be found on this PDF, but I've pulled the ordering information and the greeting cards to this blog post for people who have trouble downloading the PDF.

Ordering information:

Send an email to SharonHing (at) by November 18, 2006 to reserve your order with the following information:
Phone Numbers (mobile & land line):
How many sets you would like:

She'll be returning to the SF Bay area mid-December and will be delivering the cards and collecting the money then. If you're not in delivery distance there will be an extra fee for postage.

Each set contains one of each design for a total for 4 cards.
1 set - $6.45
2 sets - $10.95
3 sets - $16.40
For orders of 4 sets or more, please request a separate quote in your email.

100% of all sales will go directly to Helpers for Domestic Helpers.

Design #1: I Learned to Speak Up

Gouache on paper. Swept Aside series. 2006. Sharon E. O. Hing
On the back:
Many domestic helpers endure difficult working conditions in order to provide for their own families. One worker who was denied food by her employer says of her ordeal, "It's so hard for me because I have a family and three children at home whom I support by working in Hong Kong." These women, who are often victims of exploitation by employers and employment agencies, remain resilient in the face of such adversities.

Design #2: And My Worth Was Explicitly Numbered

Gouache on paper. Swept Aside series. 2006. Sharon E. O. Hing
On the back:
Domestic workers are often subjected to unreasonable demands in attempts by some employers to monitor every aspect of their lives. The absurdity of the demands and the lengths to which some employers go to repress their helpers reflects a lack of respect for these workers. The irony is these workers often play an important role in the care and upbringing of their employers' children.

Design #3: Tagged

Gouache on paper. Swept Aside series. 2006. Sharon E. O. Hing
On the back:
There are currently 220,000 domestic helpers living in Hong Kong. As a group their presence is undeniable, but they are rarely acknowledged as a crucial element of Hong Kong's economic and cultural success. Their contributions have allowed the city to prosper, yet they are rarely respected and properly acknowledged for their immense contributions to the lives of all Hong Kong residents.

Design #4: Forced Bet

Gouache on paper. Swept Aside series. 2006. Sharon E. O. Hing
On the back:
With their packed lunches in plastic bags and often a deck of cards in hand, domestic helpers line the streets of Hong Kong for a day of relaxation on Sundays, transforming any shaded area into multi-purpose meeting points. Despite their dmanding jobs, many find time to do volunteer work while others find solace in community and religious groups. As workers and community members, their presence enriches the culture and social fabric of the city.


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